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A WiFi-based Weather Forecast Display and Clock, 21st Century Data Displayed Using 60's Era Displays!

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The Sonik Unified Nes Design for Euphonic Rhythm Experiments was the precursor to the Chip Maestro. A completely standalone chiptune solution!

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Heartstrings Amplification Device
A Power Transformer-less Tube Amplifier Design That Fits In Your Bag!

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The Numbers, Mason!
How Many Nixie Tubes Can One Project Use?

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Nixie Enhanced Klock Object
My First Nixie Tube Clock Design

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Robot Arm Renovation
I Can't Grow a Third Arm, So I Made One

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Infinitely Mirrored Anachronism
The Infinitely Mirrored Anachronism is an infinity mirror made with two custom-designed mirrors and 60 LEDs. The LEDs can light up in any of over ten million different colors at full brightness. Reading the Red, Green and Blue 'hands' as Hours, Minutes, and Seconds gives you the time!

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The Chip Maestro
The Chip Maestro is a specially designed NES cartridge with a MIDI Input. Simply put, it takes MIDI signals played by electric instruments and turns them into notes synthesized by your Nintendo!

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Welcome to my online presence. Please click or tap on the Buy button to purchase one of my inventions, such as the Infinitely Mirrored Anachronism or the Chip Maestro. Every purchase means a lot to me and helps fund my next great design! Hit the Make button to learn about other projects I have worked on and find code and schematics to jumpstart your own inventions. Reach out to me at jarek-at-soniktech[dot]com if you have any questions, or just want to show me something you've made with my designs!

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